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Wednesday, 18 Jul 2018



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DSM 26 Loudspeaker Management System

The G9 DSM-26 Digital Speaker Management System has been designed to give all the features and control that you need for setting up and running a sound system. Whether it is a fixed installation, or for use on the road the DSM-26 can handle all requirements for the management of a 2 input / 6 output audio system.

The system is based on a sampling frequency 24bit, 64KHz delta - sigma A/D and D/A converter, with a 32 bit floating point DSP for the signal processing. Operation is through connection to a Windows based computer (Windows 98 or above) via a USB 2 interface. There are 2 x analogue XLR input channels (IN1 + IN2), plus a balanced stereo jack connection. You can also Mono the input stages (IN1+IN2). On each of the two channels of the input stage you can select; DELAY, PEQ, GAIN and MUTE characteristics. You can then route these signals to the 6 outputs of A, B, C, D, E and F in a variety of combinations. After the source selection has been made linking input signal to the chosen outputs, you can then introduce DELAY, select crossover points with the Hi Pass and Low Pass filters choosing Butterworth, Bessel or Linkwitz Riley filter characteristics. Parametric EQ can also added, as well as GAIN, LIMITER settings and of course MUTE for each output channel.
The DSM 26 has 50 memories that are set up by using an external computer via USB. Once saved to a DSM memory you can recall the memory number from the front panel and the unit will operate without computer link. There are six LED indicators on each Input and Output channel showing audio signal status, as well as MUTE with LED ON indicator. The Master display section indicates the PROGRAM selected along with the memory number currently loaded and Output MUTES will appear according to program selected settings. Audio gain is shown on each channel from - 40dB to clipping and there is also an indicator on each output for LIMITER activation.
2 x XLR - 3 pin
6 x XLR - 3 pin
1 x 6.35 Jack socket (BGM signal)
10K Ohm
47 Ohm (Load: > 600 Ohm)
Maximum Level:
+ 20 dBu
+ 20 dBu
Frequency Response:
20Hz - 20KHz +0.3 / -0.3dB
10Hz - 30KHz +0.3 / - 3.0dB
S/N Ratio:
110dB (A weighted)
THD + Noise:
< 0.006%
System min delay:
1.2ms (signal output settings at “0”)
Remote Control:
USB 2 / RS 485
482 x 44.8 x 228mm
4.7 Kg


Output LED indication:
Each channel output on the DSM 26 gives status of audio source and output level. It also indicates whether a Limiter is in or out of circuit.
Master LED indication:
PROGRAM - When LED lit it will also show the memory number loaded.
STATUS - This confirms that the indications on each output channel is current.
REMOTED - Shows connection to external computer, whileIndicating ID number in the numeric window.